Automotive Hose Style SCR Contactors

Darrah Automotive Hose Style SCR Contactors are the chosen favorite among high current/high voltage resistance welding users. These contactors are very popular in automotive welding applications. All contactors are rated for 100% continuous operation and are provided with 2600 Volt SCR's.

This series is also popular for frequency converters, seam, and flash butt welding controls.

Automotive Hose Style SCR Contactors
Darrah Part Number Welding Rating Amps RMS at 100% Duty Cycle SGL. Cycle Surge Current (ITSM) SCR Voltage Rating (PIV) (VRRM)
DPH7825-468 1200 10000 2600
DPH7844-468 1700 10000 2600
DPH7845-468 1750 18000 2600
DPH7824-468 2500 18000 2600

Bus tang connections are standardized to fit all applications. Four holes plus center slot. Holes are on 1.06” centers. The center slot is .5” x .75”.

Water Requirements Amps RMS is achieved with a cooling flow rate of 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) per minute at 40ºC water temperature.
Water Connection ¼-18NPT tapped holes.
Cooling Block Copper-Nickel Plated.
Thermostat All contactors are supplied with a thermostat sensor, 70ºC open on rise, recloses at 58ºC, and is isolated to base to 2000 Volts.
MOV For MOV add suffix M to part number.
Service Tip It is recommended that power not be left on while water flow is off, as this is a cause for hose rupturing due to internal heating and arcing where water resistivity is low.
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