AAVID Thermalloy

Aavid Thermalloy, LLC engages in designing, manufacturing, and marketing thermal management products for various applications. Aavid’s product line includes standard and custom aluminum extrusions, liquid cooled cold plates, bonded, and folded fin heat sinks. Aavid also offers copper and aluminum heat sinks and a full range of cooling solutions for printed circuit board level products.

Darrah stocks a variety of cut, machined and finished Aavid extrusions in all shapes and sizes.
Product Lines
  • Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusions
  • Liquid Cooled Cold Plates
  • Bonded and folded Fin Heat Sinks
  • Cooling Solutions for TO-220, TO-3, DIP, and many others
  • Copper and Aluminum Heat Sinks
  • Low Profile Surface Mount Heat Sinks
  • Integrated Heat Pipe Assemblies
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