ENERPRO Firing Board

Darrah Electric Company is proud to be a distributor for Enerpro, Inc. SCR gate firing and auxiliary boards. Founded in 1983, Enerpro has sold over 45,000 three phase Thyristor-firing boards, using all digital LSI devices.

Enerpro’s family of products now includes single-phase SCR controllers, medium voltage trigger boards, current and voltage regulator boards, soft start and R/C Snubbers.

Darrah Electric Company exclusively uses Enerpro’s firing boards in the manufacturing of our power supplies. Enerpro has always paid close attention to the details, such as a thicker than normal circuit board and high quality quick disconnects.
Product Lines
  • Single and Three Phase SCR Firing Circuits
  • Twelve-Pulse Firing Circuits
  • Voltage and Current Regulator Boards
  • Medium Voltage SCR Firing Circuits
  • Transient Snubber Circuits
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