SCR Contactors Resistance Welding Accessories

Darrah stocks a full line of related accessories, such as R/C snubbers, thermostats, voltage suppressors, SCR thyristors, and IGBT’s. We offer technical support in selection, application, installation, testing, and repairing.
SCR Contactors Resistance Welding Accessories

We offer a full range of products

For Voltage Suppression:

  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)

For Safety and Overheating Protection:

  • Encapsulated Thermostats

For SCR Mis-Firing or False Firing:

  • R/C Snubbers (open and encapsulated styles)

Replacement SCR’s for all Models and Brands

Replacement Cooling Blocks, Hoses, Clamps

Darrah offers Portable SCR and Diode Tester:

  • Darrah Electric offers a Portable Power Semiconductor Tester that accurately tests Silicon Diodes, SCR and GTO Thyristors, Transistors and IGBT’s.
  • Darrah’s Model AL3300 Tester applies actual line voltages and gate fires turn on devices. The tester comes complete with built in disc or puck compression clamp and two sets of test leads.
  • The tester is compact 12 x 14 x 20 inches, weighs 20 pounds, and operates on 115 or 220 Volt input.

Welding Instructions

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