Tri-Pack Assemblies

Tri-Pack Assemblies
Darrah Part Number Welding Rating Amps RMS at 100% Duty Cycle SGL. Cycle Surge Current (ITSM) SCR Voltage Rating (PIV) (VRRM)
DPH7825-468 1200 10000 2600
DPH7844-468 1700 10000 2600
DPH7845-468 1750 18000 2600
DPH7824-468 2500 18000 2600

Bus tang connections are standardized to fit all applications. Four holes plus center slot. Holes are on 1.06” centers. The center slot is .5” x .75”.

Water Requirements Amps RMS is achieved with a cooling flow rate of 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) per minute at 40ºC water temperature.
Water Connection ¼-18NPT tapped holes.
Cooling Block Copper-Nickel Plated.
Thermostat All contactors are supplied with a thermostat sensor, 70ºC open on rise, recloses at 58ºC, and is isolated to base to 2000 Volts.
MOV For MOV add suffix M to part number.
Service Tip It is recommended that power not be left on while water flow is off, as this is a cause for hose rupturing due to internal heating and arcing where water resistivity is low.
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