Air Cooled Power Conversion Solution

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Darrah Electric Company is pleased to release their new 28 page catalog featuring high current power semiconductor solutions. Darrah’s new catalog introduces three new high performance extrusions for semiconductor sizes 38 mm through 125 mm silicon diameters. All three extrusions offer high thermal efficiency in natural air and forced air applications.

 Darrah’s new A27 Hybrid Heatsink offers an aluminum extrusion for current carrying and a bonded fin technology to meet high thermal requirements. The A27 design also features localized fans for efficient cooling, adding a significant cost savings for complete designs.

Darrah’s new catalog lists all common circuit configurations and examples of popular extrusions listing current ratings and thermal resistance values at various air flows.

The catalog is the most comprehensive engineering support for anyone using power semiconductor assemblies.

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